Running is simple

he logs triple-digit weekly mileage along the dusty trail network in Boulder, Colorado, carrying next to nothing: no shirt, no Camelbak hydration system, no GPS, no iPod, no gadgets whatsoever. Even his shoes, which contain just millimeters of rubber, are hermit-worthy. As contrarian as it may sound in this age of Dri-FIT gear and Wi-Fi watches, something seems to be working with Krupicka’s minimalistic approach.

via A Simple Kind Of Man: Anton Krupicka Interview

As I embrace minimalism, I start to see things in a different manner and when I bring this minimalist approach to running, I start to feel guilty.

Guilty because I started buying of equipments that are unnecessary for a run and only to realized I do not need it. Consider this, have you ever purchase a heart rate monitor watch and only to find yourself using the the stop watch feature without the heart rate belt. yeah, maybe you use the belt actively in the first few months me too. But after a few months, I felt that I was trying to run what the watch was instructing me to, which kinda of uncomfortable.

Running should be simple, enjoying the path down the road. Listening to every step and sound of the surrounding. Feeling your body and knowing when to push. You just do not need a device to tell you when to push.

Give it a try, let go of the many stuff you are carrying with you while you run. Try not having your iPod with you, listen to the surrounding. I’m sure you will enjoy the run better and lighter but you still have to train hard to achieve a good time 🙂

Here another world champion who did the same, keep things simple – stripping down one of my fave article too