China’s Apple

Led by chief executive Lei Jun, a serial entrepreneur known for aping Steve Jobs’ presentation style (right down to the black shirt and jeans), Xiaomi managed to sell 7 million smartphones last year and is now valued at $10 billion. The company expects to sell 15 million phones by the end of this year.

via What China’s Xiaomi can teach Apple, Google, and the Western tech world

I once had a chance to play with Xiaomi MI-One when I was china and the experience was unbearable. Today they launched Xiaomi MI-3. And I must say that it looks pretty impressive.

Xiaomi MI-3

Xiaomi is expectedly compared to Apple on a regular basis, some even says that it is an Apple clone. But what is being done to the company at this stage, it is a pretty successful clone.

In my opinion, I think the founder is pretty smart by taking all the mobile giants traits in sculpting his business. Maybe something we can learn.

  • Run the company like Apple – building die-hard fans1
  • Using Google’s Android to power Xiaomi – saves lots money in the initial software development and get it out quick to the market.
  • In the current launch of Xiaomi Mi-3 – designed kinda follow Nokia Lumia which is pretty sleek and cool in my opinion2

And I end this great quote:

“good artists copy but great artists steal”

He kinda of did it.

  1. Why China’s Xiaomi is inspiring loyalty that rivals Apple ‘fanboys’ and Google ‘fandroids’
  2. I like the look and feel of Nokia Lumia, although I’m a big Apple fan. See for yourself the Lumia 1020