Running without a watch

AHM 2013 Result

Tim Olsen:

I run for peace and joy and to be free. You can be free wherever you are; I always try to keep that in my heart. via The Next Chapter

This is the kind of feeling I used to have when I enjoyed running. But it soon starts to diminish as I pay more attention to my timing instead of enjoying the run. Today, I did 2:08 for my AHM1, it was a big contrast to what I have achieve last year2. But it is also the most beautiful run that I have done, plus it also gave me back the confidence that I lost for the past weeks3

It was the most beautiful not because of the city dwelling sights we have, but because I got back the kind of feeling of running “free”, free from my “pressure from timing”, free from keeping to my “pace” and free to enjoy every moment of the race. All because I did not wear a watch to the race. I listen to my body, pushed when I feel better, go slightly slowly when I feel tired. Along the way, smiled to fellow runners and received cheers from friends who went past me. I really love the moment4.

Although, my foot did hurt a little during towards the last 5km and I was worried about worsening the injury, the beautiful feeling sort of like covers away the worry as I continue. Could this be mental healing5?, I do not know but it did felt good.

So if you are having trouble getting back to your running form, or if you are starting to hate your run training, may I suggest you to try running without a watch for a period of time. Listen to your body and perform accordingly, you might start to feel better again. I too would do more of runs without a watch too.

  1. Army Half Marathon Singapore 2013
  2. Running the Safra Army Half Marathon 2012
  3. Something went wrong with my right foot, after visit to the doctor, I had to rest close to a month and the feeling was horrible
  4. there is no doubt I would love to do a better timing, my ideal target for 21km is 1:35. But the chase to the target for the past years sort of adds up the pressure. This does not mean that I’m giving up, I’m would be back again but now I’m loving the moment.
  5. Mental healing refers to the use of intention, visualization, and relaxation techniques for restoring mental, emotional, and physical well-being. While mental healing techniques are thought to have a relaxing impact on the mind, their effects are considered to be holistic, affecting and healing the entire person. – mental healing