Selling at the right place

Jeff Haden:

Without a broader business perspective and a broader marketing culture and effort, sales will always fail. Sales will always fall back into an old school selling mindset, and if you continue with that outdated idea of “sales” you won’t succeed–just like the last salesperson who annoyed you.

Via Want to Close More Sales? Stop Selling

It’s very true that now “selling” starts before your customer wants to buy. Looking myself in the mirror, I always first research online before short-listing certain choices for purchases. So businesses now have to get their sites and blogs ready with information regarding to their products and services.

But not every customer looks online and at the same time, with so much information and reviews on the web, we get information overload and we look for shortcuts. Usually, that would mean asking your friends or anyone that you know and trust about a review of certain product. And in this case, I believe this is where relationship based selling comes into play.

Intraix operates in the B2B space and in a particular old industry. We work with building owners, facilities managers and property developers. And in the customer discovery process, we understand they are not very much into social media and they often feel that there are too much information online. They prefer referrals and loves someone to talk to. So we have a dedicate email that our customers can ask questions and they have straight access to our number. I totally understand that you might think that, this is SO not techy but hey, this puts money into our bank 😀

So how are you selling? and are you finding your customers in the right place?

p/s Science Of Persuasion – great video in persuasion, talks about how human looks for shortcuts, I learn mine here.