Evernote First Premium User Event In Singapore

evernote premium event

Attended the first Evernote event for premium users in Singapore yesterday at The Co. The crowd was amazing and I can see that Evernote have changed so much from just a note taking tool to a platform where it becomes the central storage for many others. We shared different ways of using Evernote and we got a preview of how a business productivity can be improve with Evernote Business.1

great news for all Starhub users

complimentary 1-year Evernote Premium subscription for all Starhub users.

via Evernote-Starhub

If you are new to Evernote, you will be surprise how much stuff you can do with it. Check out the presentation slides here. Or if you are already on Evernote and you are a Starhub user, this complimentary 1-year service will add to your current subscription. And finally if you blog, here’s a tool that works seamlessly with Evernote – blogwith

  1. if a company takes up Evernote Business, all users will turn into Premium account users too 😀