Ask your team a tough question.

“Imagine we’re sitting in this room in 6-12 months from today discussing shutting down our startup because we failed to raise (additional) funding. What reasons would we be pointing to if we were having this very real conversation?”

Via Startups – Plot your own downfall.

Seldom I would ask myself this kind of question, not to even mentioned asking this question to my team. If not well managed, the team might thought the end is near, and the morale starts to drop.

However, the author did it in a well-managed way and gotten great feedbacks that help to shape the team’s focus.

Personally, I like to ask how can we improve this instead of why did this happened . I do that because what have been done is already done. The simple way out is just to move forward and not have your mind stuck in the current state.

I would love to try asking this question in our next team meet. And for fellow friends I love to know what are the tough questions you ask during team meet to shape the company longterm view?