Android is better, come take a look

There is no doubt that Android have been improving and gaining lots of adoption. In the past, on a dinner table you might see all friends carrying an iOS device now you are likely to see a split or sometimes Android having more users.

There is an awesome post1 about Android right trending on the web.

A month in I didn’t miss anything about my iPhone. Two months in I sold my iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. It has now been three months since I made the switch. I’m loving Android. I only missed having a good camera so I just upgraded to a Google Edition Samsung Galaxy S4.

Via Android is better

The author Paul Stamatiou wrote a very detail post about how he fell in love with Android and how you can actually live out of the “Apple Ecosystem” and into the life of “Google2”. It’s a long article but very much worth reading if you are thinking of changing to an S4 or should you be waiting for the new iPhone

But since I’m in the tech space, most friends often think that I’m the “IT” guy3, the one who can fixed any thing related to technology failure. So most of the time, when they are changing devices, they would ask “hey Bryan, which is better Android or iOS, Android more free stuff lei…”

Often I would share with them that I’m bias towards iPhone or rather iOS than Android. Simply because

  • I like the simplicity, if you are going after lots of control than Android might be a better bet because you can have file controls and all that nonsense that usually unless techies would use
  • I actually develop apps on it, my first programming language is Objective C, all thanks to Kong – so until Android Studio is as good as Xcode, I would not be making any Android apps soon. Some of you may think, “so what” you dun make a living out of it what? Very true I do not make a living out from the small apps but the ability to build stuff is really fun.
  • And of course, IMHO I believe that there are more beautiful apps on iOS than on Android. Because I believe that Apple strategy of having more users on iOS devices is simple. By offering better development platform to developers, developers make more apps and users come for the apps.

But a phone is a just a phone, it is just a tool to help you get on with life, chose the one that suits you best and start living 😀

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  1. very well written and detailed. even showed the quality of the photos taken via an S4
  2. if you love Google, especially you been using Chrome, pls take note of their Chrome’s insane password security strategy
  3. I’m sure many of you guys who are very much into tech have experince being labeled as the IT guy, friends often calling you to ask about printer drivers and why that particular program is not working…etc