Managing expectation

Product management is one of the hardest jobs to define in any organization, partially because it’s different in every company…

via A Product Manager’s Job

This article gives a detail description of what product managers do as a whole1. It breaks down the role into the following: A product manager…
– helps your team
– helps your company
– ship
– the right product
– for the users

And if you think about it, I would give Product Manager a rank of a Sergeant in the army. Because2 in Singapore’s context, a Sergeant is a specialist “aka Doer” the one who executes. The one who helps ships the right product.

You are at the same time sandwiched between the Officer (this could be the CEO or the Client) and your fellow men (this is your team). Your CEO expects 101% and nothing less from you to build the “most awesome” product while your team members highlights to you that somethings are just not possible in a short span of time. So you the specialist starts to do what you do best, managing the expectation of both parties.

your CEO trusts you, and your team respects you

Managing expectation allows an opportunity for both parties to understand and compromise on their stands. Because all talks are bullshit if nothing is being build. This I believe is the toughest job of a product manager, Managing Expectation I’m learning it everyday.

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  1. good read, especially if you are the product building phase
  2. not sure about militaries in other country, I only served in Singapore.