stubborn or determined?

Running out of money is not the end. Failure is when you lose the will to fight. Not a moment sooner. If you still believe in what you’re fighting for, press on.

Via Failure is losing the will to fight

Sometimes, it’s hard to decide if one should actually carry on with a failing project. There are saying like the one above press on and you might just see the light one day.

Alternatively there is also let go and find a better one. I, myself often find it hard to decide too, I keep think what if What if, I let go and suddenly the failing project works. Or what if, the new project might be even worst. But living in the startup world, I learn.

I learn to make decision. Decision that I do not regret, because as a founder, you need to be firm. I was not but now I’m learning to be. And that really help me to move forward.

So friends, make a decision, move forward, if wrong, learn. If not, repeat. Otherwise, we will be running on the same spot for a long period of time.