Making The Country Proud

One of the key reasons entrepreneurship in Singapore suffers is that the government and the culture discourage non-conformity and independent thinking.

via No one is talking about the implicit costs of entrepreneurship – Quartz.

Interesting insights about the implicit costs of entrepreneurship, certainly a good read to fellow entrepreneurs. But I personally believes that the trend or rather the culture that used to ‘restrict’ us for venturing is changing. With the push in funding, and seeing startups launching up in many of coworking spaces available (which also started growing in the last few years). The entrepreneurship scene definitely growing and moving forward although we still have much to learn from startup nation like Israel.

Here’s an interesting quote from the article.

Years ago Guy Kawasaki said “Israel has 5 million people, 6 million entrepreneurs, and 15 million opinions. Singapore has 5 million people, 6 entrepreneurs, and 1 opinion.”

As a local entrepreneur, and I’m sure many of the fellow entrepreneurs friends too would love see that this “Singapore has 5 million people, 6 entrepreneurs, and 1 opinion.”would no longer be true in the coming years. Being an entrepreneur is not just about chasing the money, doing something you love, having the financial freedom. It is also about making the country proud.

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