build something? let people know.

We did many planning discussion. We questioned what is the benefit of users after they use the app for a while? What is the utility aspect that make early adopter start to use the app? …

These are all very important question, but we haven’t think about how users will find out our app?

How will users know about your app.

The same question I ask myself when I created “pomchek go where“. I thought that by building it someone would actually it and it turns out just the opposite. There was no download nor any feedbacks. It’s not that I’m expecting “thousands of downloads” but I’m hoping someone would actually use it and give me feedback, as starter developer. I treasured feedbacks.

So when I did a version upgrade for the app, I posted on my facebook wall and some biking groups which I follows too. Which I’m happen to say I manage to get some feedbacks, Otherwise I would not have known my app suck. Here’s another quote that as an independent developer I keep in my mind.

When you spend weeks or months perfecting your product in the name of ‘user experience’ or ‘design’ before selling it, you are doing more harm than good for your users and yourself on your quest to be financially independent. – @jot

And before I put a close on my weekly post, I like to do a shoutout that I’m doing a regular podcast on launchbyte and would love to hear your feedbacks.