Something Is Wrong With NEA Weather App

For this first time in Singapore, our PSI (Pollutant Standards Index) crosses the 400 mark. Making this little island a hazardous condition to work and play outdoor.

The last time Singapore saw such choking smog was in 1997, when the PSI index peaked at 226. – yahoo news

As the PSI level rose, our local developers also sprung into action coming up with several PSI monitoring apps (both mobile and web) for the public. PSI is now what everyone person living in this little island is concern about and we would love to have this information at our finger tip.

But do you know NEA has a weather app too?

NEA has their own mobile app but it is only available on app store

It gives us much more information too. Beside the PSI level, they also give the areas which are Dengue prone and many others.

so why than, our local developers are creating their own version of PSI monitoring app?

I personally cannot say so for others, but I too created an app to monitor haze. So I think

  1. The NEA mobile app is SLOW, almost all of the information on the app are presented in UIWebView. – a part of the iOS SDK which allows developers to embed web content. in other words, it’s not native.
  2. It’s pretty ugly. Because it is loading content straight from the NEA Site, it may not cater well to the mobile device screen size. see the dengue page Of course, there is a way to overcome this but apparently the app developer for NEA did not put effort into it.
  3. I only need PSI – The app have many other information and that is good, but I’m not interested. I’m only concern about the PSI level.

These are the reasons why I created my own.

give me another minute to rumble

The api that NEA gives is real bad. It’s 2013, you should be returning Json file instead of XML. And you actually gave an api that updates daily, in times like this shouldn’t you share with us more real time info too, hourly maybe (since you have it on your site)?

This also explains why most of the developers which created their own apps scrub their data off the NEA site, some of them even shared their end-points

So if anyone is from NEA happens to read this, the list below are some of the great works by our local developers, you might like to consider working with them for your further apps.

  1. pee_S_ai by @anttyc
  2. psi by dev house replaid
  3. sg spi by dashsell
  4. weathersg by Bryan Lim
  5. Another friend YiZhe has created for the Windows Phone 8 and is now under review, once it is out I will update on this link.