United We Stand

They say “Singaporeans love to complain”, I do not disagree. But when the times get tough, especially in this hazy period, you can also see Singaporeans standing together.

my friend shihan

I am proud of my friend Shihan, she together with her friend made the effort to distribute bottles of water to the workers who are keeping our economy moving despite the high PSI level. *especially those construction workers who are keeping our HDB dreams alive, they earn our respect and deserve our love.

Shihan showing #sglove

we have #sglove

another group Singaporeans set up a facebook page #SGHazeRescue to offer air-conditioned spaces to individuals and families without such privileges. These are the spaces available on their google doc. if you are seeking a space or have one to offer. You can play a part now.

maybe some of us really loves to complain but we all have #sglove