It’s time to start again.

It’s time to start again.

Launchbyte is a side project with Chris Cai. It’s a podcast about startup environment and the tech scene locally. Launchbyte actually started many months ago, but due to our busy schedule it got put away. Thank you everyone who gave us your time. this time we will not failed you

We here at Launchbyte talk about news that we think are of interest to the tech community in Singapore and discuss the local tech start up scene. We are back stronger and plan to make launchbyte a success. – LB.ep01

Also it was during the period that I shared that it’s better to focus on only one side project since time is limited. So I worked on PomChek. Now that PomChek is done, (I have achieved what I wanted to do with PomChek). (New version here) I’m looking forward to Restart! our podcasting project again.

I love listening to podcast, especially those concerning tech, productivity and founder stories.   But there are no such kind of podcast here in Singapore, maybe I have not discover or maybe no one is interested… So I spoke to Chris, we checked on our commitment and believe the time is good to start podcasting again. (we love podcast)

This time round, we do it MVP style. We just booked a meeting room in Plug-in and start podcasting with the most basic equipments we have.

  • Tools – GarageBand, SoundCloud, Tumblr (coz they are free)
  • Mic – Chris contributed his Zoom H2

## And we were off with our very first episode 01 – Restart!

We shared our views on WWDC 2013, shared a startup of the week (indiescapes) and random tech stuff that we love and we think you love.

## my thoughts on our Restart!

I think I don’t sound good radio and I had a lot of “erh”, “ehhh”, “lah” moments. I also believe that we were going a bit too fast and the content was jumping around so listeners (if there is any) might get confused. I have many things to improve and work on, I would be practicing more and looking forward to hear your opinions.

## we need your feedback

Podcasting without listeners is like talking to a wall, together with Chris we love to hear your feedback, how bad we are, how wrong we are or (even better) who good we are. We can be reach at either one of following site, Facebook, twitter

if would be great if you could follow us on twitter (we only got one follower now) it can gives us the “feel” that we actually have listeners and tons of motivation. Thank you so much.