It’s time to deliver

Buccaneer by @pirate3D
This is The Buccaneer a budget 3D printer that’s going off at US$347 on Kickstarter. And I’m proud to say that this is a [Singapore] product, it is created by our very own local startup pirate3d. With their funding round and their success on Kickstarter[^1], IMHO they are kinda of like the Superstar/role model of our local hardware startup. They show that our local investors are interested in hardware startups too and also show that we [Singaporeans] are able to come up with disruptive products.

3D printer for the mainstream

3D printing used to cost a bomb but with improving technology the prices have fallen through out the years. MakerBot have made it possible to achieve rapid prototyping at a lower cost and hobbyists love it. But at a price of US$$2,199, it may not be suitable for mainstream yet… I think Pirate3D has a great vision to create a 3D printer that would be in every home, just like a PC in every home, especially at the price point of US$347. it cost less than an ipad I shared the link with some of my fellow friends who are into the 3D craze, we got some discussion going and the main thing they point out is that “this kind of printer” would produce lousy quality printing.

so does quality matter?

Yes and No. IMHO it really depends on the user.

But the items you’ll be able to print at home, on a consumer device, will never rival what can be made at the industrial scale. – MARK WILSON

I would agree that the quality of budget 3D printer would never rival industrial 3D printer, but for mainstream users like me, I would only be using it to print small customise gifts, quality doesn’t matter that much to me as long as it is decent. However, hardcore hobbyists might have a concern with quality, but they can always have the option to chose a higher quality printer.(pretty much similar to hardcore gamers buying specific gaming pc)

but can @pirate3D deliver?

There are stories on kickstarter projects that are “over-promised and undelivered”, would @pirate3D be of similar case? Because in product retailing, you have to at least markup 100~150% to make decent profit and selling at The Buccaneer US$347 means they really have a low cost operation, or they could be taking the “Amazon” low cost leadership strategy for their hardware and will be selling their materials at a higher prices. Moreover, the video they showed have printed a pretty decent product and if they failed to produce something that meets the backers expection, the backslash would be bad. (all these are my speculations)
But as a fellow local entrepreneur I’m proud of them and especially with their contribution back to the society. I’m looking forward to their product launch.

p/s this is not a sponsored post

[^1]: They are 9 days into their campaign and they have already far exceeded their goal of US$100K.