Reducing the email deluge

I also explained to them that all work would be moving into a collaborative space. I set up accounts with Huddle,TeamworkPMBasecamp and Asana. I would’ve preferred to only set up one tool but each of these platforms offers something unique that my respective clients needed.

via How I Gave up Email and Reclaimed 3 Hours a Day – 99U.

I wonder if I could the same? moving our partners over to project management systems.

Although Intraix communicates within ourselves using project management tools but towards our hardware partners, we are still using emails. And I been kinda of becoming an email slaves recently, especially with our launch of product overseas.

Emails flying back and forth with regards to all kind of details. Such as contract, technical issues and even small chats. Sometimes I woke up with 91 emails in my inbox. To some, this may seems normal but to me, this is way too much details to read in the morning.

reading emails in the evening

And I know but I still do it, is that I will read the emails, just in case I missed out any stuff. But this is also affecting my productivity especially my morning “alone” time. So I tried shifting my email time to the evening, currently this is working well for me. Email notification are turn off during the day and I’m able to better focus on the content of the email rather than just sweeping through because I cleared my ‘todos” in the morning.

30 days “check email twice a week” challenge

but still, it would be best if I could reduce the amount of emails. So I’m  applying a 30 days “check email twice a week” challenge to my work mail. It would be tough to totally cut-off from emails at first , coz we still need it for validations and all. I would start with checking my work inbox twice a week and introduced our collaborative tools to our partners.  And hopefully I can move to a “no email” challenge in the future.

So how are you managing your emails? listening here