Work Experience Or Going After A Degree?

Our Education Minister Heng Swee Keat shared his view on chasing paper qualifications on a recent news article on Today.

A good academic qualification alone “does not guarantee a good career”, especially in the current volatile and fast-changing economy where mismatch of skills and expectations for job-seekers could occur, Mr Heng told some 300 graduates and their parents in a speech at Temasek Polytechnic’s graduation ceremony.

I personally thinks that the problem does not *entirely lies on the students but also on the hiring companies. I graduated from Temasek Poly with an engineering diploma, after National Service, I worked as a CNC field engineer before pursing a degree from NUS Business School.

why did I go for a degree?

My team leader in the engineering company advise me to.why did I go for business school is another story
My team leader was also a diploma graduate, he had worked 4 years for the company and slowly worked his way up the ladder. Two months after I joined, a fresh graduate entered and immediately I had a new manager. This was the situation back then and it still is in most of the companies now. but till now I could not understand why some hiring companies go for academic qualifications and not work experience.

does having a degree really earns more than a diploma graduate?

This really depends.

I have friends who does not have a degree yet they earned much more than my friends who are degree holders. *most of these positions are in sales but several of them are technical positions too. And they highlighted that their company actually values work experience over a degree. Plus during the four years that a student is pursing his degree, they are using the four years to build up their work experiences and credentials.

So it is really how much the company values a talent, or is the company more concern with the academic qualifications.

what have I learn and how I apply it to Intraix?

So I been through the diploma stage and also the degree grad stage. The experience actually leads me to run Intraix hiring in a different manner. We value talent more than the work experience or qualifications. We are willing to train our employees.

(lady in center) This is Sandra.
This is Sandra #geekgirls
She had an internship with Intraix and we are able to assess each other during her 4 months with us. After her graduation, she decided to not to purse her university life first and she is now a full-timer with us. She has no actual working experience nor does she has a super duper technical background. But she is very much willing to learn new stuff and she loves hardware hacking – a real #geekgirl at heart.

In April, we send her to a course with Bosch Singapore, so she is now using her new learn skills to hack our hardware. And these skills are very much industry relevant, so the question to ask if she will lose out to her friends who are going for a degree now. I think not, especially in the startup scene, experience is worth so much more than a paper.

lady on the left is Aliya, she is now an intern with Intraix. And she is now going thought Kong’s 30 Days iOS challenge. If she continues to work on her iOS skills, do you think she will lose out to fellow degree holder when she goes for an interview and shows the interviewer her self made app?

Finally, lady on the right is Joanna, she is another awesome intern who you need to meet.

why all ladies you ask?

Intraix, we believe you and we believe in #girlpower. They are awesome engineers and programmers.

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