Creating my 100Km training log with Evenote and Drafts App

This week I have a group friends down over at Tokyo doing a very intense race. A race that I am too looking forward to challenge myself to. It is the Ultra-Trail MountFuji. The distance covers 161km and the cumulative altitude gain is about 9000m – it is also one of the toughest Ultra-Trail in the Asia region. As I write this post, some of my friends are still running, while a few have fallen out. Regardless, all of you are simply amazing and just having the gut to sign up for this kind of gruelling race is already an inspiration.

tl:dr hate to read long? go straight learn how you can use Evenote and Drafts App for your training log

my first 100km

In fact, my friends have been such an inspiration that I have decided to sign up for the ColourCoil TMBT Ultra Marathon in Sabah this coming September. It is a 100KM trail race and if I can complete this race, I would be able to have the prerequisite to sign up for the UTMF2014.

UTMF (ULTRA-TRAIL Mt.FUJI) – Prerequisite: The successful completion of at least one trail running race that is 100km or longer OR two trail running races that are 70 km or longer. These races must have been completed after Jan. 1, 2010.

my 100km DIY training program

My 100Km race is about 5 months away and I have started my training. Here is a sample of my training week

  • Monday – run to work (tempo run house)
  • Tuesday – hill repeats (either fort canning or hill behind Macpherson)
  • Wednesday – track work
  • Thursday – morning 10km run (or run to office)
  • Friday – Rest day
  • Saturday – 21km or (10km MR)
  • Sunday – Long Slow Distance (10~15km) (to ECP and Back)

and I would be adding slightly a little bit more milage each week till I reach a maximum single day run of 60km.

Using Evernote for training log

With the training schedule out, I need a tool to keep rack. I used Evernote for my training log and typically what I do is to create a notebook and saved each day of training as a note under the created notebook.

my evernote training log

I used some shorthands and tags to classify my workouts. For example, CR means Circuit Run and Tags is to indicate the training phase. And I would use the search filter within the notebook to find out how have I done for the month. The problem with this is that, it is a little tedious because each of the training is a separate note. I could do an alternative of saving my training log into one single note but I would need to list down the dates by the side.

introducing Drafts

I got to know about Drafts from Back2Work – a podcast that I listens to regularly. It talks about productivity and tech. Drafts (as you can guess from the name) is a writing app. It’s available on both iPhone and iPad. I got the iPhone app and it has since become the de facto note taking app for me. But Drafts have something more interesting, it is also an app launcher. Drafts supports 35 different actions that trigger different apps. For example, you can use Drafts as a means to quickly write a tweet or status update without actually opening either app. It also gives you the ability to link up with commonly use apps such and Dropbox and Evernote. Linking to Evernote links Drafts to your default notebook in Evernote. If it concerns writing, Drafts have something for you.

In short, you can use Drafts to control every single text based action you do on your iOS device. – lifehacker

Using Evernote with Drafts

Once you link up with Evernote, you can create custom action for it. I created a custom action that allows me to prepend to an Evernote note. Once enabled, Drafts creates a note titled: training dated with “year” and “month”. When I type in my workout for the day and I select the “Append to Dropbox ”Training Update” action, it will prepend the log to the same note I created. And if the month changes, a new note will automatically be created. Thus all training log that are achieved in April will be saved in an Evernote note titled Training–2013–04, while those in May will be Training–2013–05. This way Drafts solves my problem of having too much notes and I can easily do my workout analysis in a single note.

For those who are looking to start their training log, you should give Evernote a try and If you are looking for accelerate your productivity with Evenote, do give Drafts a try too

p/s Drafts is a paid app and if you are markdown fan like me, you can even do markdown to Evernote.