Keep Calm and Carry On

Boston Marathon is one of the races that I aim to go and I have deep respects for the runners who are taking part. I do not have much to say about the tragic incident but I am a Runner, and this incident deeply saddens me. As I watch the news about runners who lost their limps, I could feel for them because this is the most painful thing that could happen to a runner – losing the ability to run.

I caught this post off my twitter feed, and I took down a quote on it.

Don’t glorify the terrorists and their actions by calling this part of a “war on terror.” Wars involve two legitimate sides. There’s only one legitimate side here; those on the other are criminals. They should be found, arrested, and punished. But we need to be vigilant not to weaken the very freedoms and liberties that make this country great, meanwhile, just because we’re scared.

via The Boston Marathon Bombing: Keep Calm and Carry On – Bruce Schneier – The Atlantic.

There is no doubt. We should not be scared but this also triggers the thought that I or rather us (my friends) should be more aware of our surrounding and take notice of national security. Because IMHO, most singaporeans take our national security for granted. #runstrong