Building Your Own RSS Reader?

Since the announcement of Google Reader closure, I been looking around and testing out for alternatives. I have narrowed down to two different services, which I kinda unable to make a choice.

Feedly has a great UI for both it’s browser plugin and mobiles apps. It allows me to steam through the content easily and the night theme is awesome. (you will love this if you love lying on your bed and be reading from  your ipad or iphone). But it adds another app onto my home page making it clutter and gives me another app to manage.

I’m also using Twitter list to replace Google Reader, the good thing is that I already have Twitter app with me so I do not need to manage another app, and many blogs now have their own twitter account (if written by a group of writers). For example, written by Joshua and Ryan has a dedicate twitter account, so I can just follow @theminimalistsHere is my twitter list for stuff concerning minimalism. But the UI is not that pretty compared to Feedly. (I work around this with pocket)

However, if you’re tired of web services shutting down on you, why not take matters into your own hands? Tiny Tiny RSS is a free, open-source syncing RSS platform with more features than Google Reader ever had, and it can’t get shut down.

via How to Build Your Own Syncing RSS Reader with Tiny Tiny RSS and Kick Google Reader to the Curb.

Of course, there is another option that on my mind which I have yet to try. Building my own RSS Reader. Which in this case, requires a hosting service, but you can be sure it would never go out of service.

Google Reader is important to me, it keeps me updated with the latest in the tech scene and helps me organise my reading materials. How are you coping with the closure of Google Reader, between feedly and twitter list which one would you go for? love to hear your thoughts.

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