Life without stuff: choosing a minimalist lifestyle

Perhaps I’m getting old, but it’s seem that less is actually beautiful. 

Perhaps the greatest gift of minimalism is that it makes me think about the choices I’m making. This isn’t just what has happened to me. I choose what I don’t spend my time and money on, and that makes it possible to choose what I do spend my time and money on.

via Life without stuff: choosing a minimalist lifestyle.

Or maybe it’s the minimalist bug that I caught on, having less stuff actually helps me to think better. My table is especially messy and often I start to do different things at the same time. Having a clean desk or rather uncluttered desk keeps me focus.

if you are into minimalist or looking to understand why less is actually now more, here are a few amazing minimalists Joshua Millburn, Ryan Nicodemus, Courtney Carver, and Joshua Becker.

7 thoughts on “Life without stuff: choosing a minimalist lifestyle

      1. I don’t think it is a clutter. It will increase more attention to the viewer and will be interested to read. Hope this clarifies 🙂

      2. Morning Tienny I love ideas and suggestions from fellow bloggers. Thanks for the feedback 🙂 I might put it back after a period of time, I will take this period as a time to test how much it affects the sharing 🙂

        Cheers Bryan

  1. I love minimalism as well. I look for it constantly in almost every aspect of my live. In my food, wine (kind of ironical because wine sometime is described to be complex. But for complexity in wine is more like its layers of flavors), interior designing, furnitures, fashion and style, and friends. I always hope to achieve that in business deals as well, but the route to it can be a rough one.
    A clear mind is achieved from clear environment, and it is amazing how everything is much clearer from there on.

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