From where I write, Bohol Philippine.

Beautiful Bohol

This week, I’m on a holiday over at Bohol, Philippines. A beautiful island located 2 hours away from Cebu. It has a beautiful beach front and an awesome place for diving. But it’s also a place full of tourist traps so do lots of research before you head down to Bohol. (the traps are pretty much like the ones in Phuket)

learn to travel light

What electronic items do you bring when you go for an holiday? Some extreme might just drop all their communication devices, while some others might bring whatever items that keep them connected to the net. And for that special few, who treat the time on the plane like a time for hackathon, you are simply awesome. (I just met one on the plane, he was heading down to Cebu for his diving trip and he was touching up a website css during his 4 hours flight.)

In the past, I would have bring bring lots of stuff for this kind week long trip, but after catching the minimalist bug, I just brought a few essential items and my handy iPhone.

Also I wanted to bring iPad mini, and my MacBook Air along because these items are by my side everyday of the week. (There is a chance that I spent more time alone with my MacBook Air than my family.) Furthermore, living in the startup world means you are likely to be connected 24/7 on the web. Any unplugged seems like an addict suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

But I guess having an iPhone, an iPad and a MacBook Air was too much for me to carry especially for a holiday trip. So I decided to go with an iPhone.

why just the iPhone?

  1. It’s everything in one. I can make emergency calls, surf the net for travel info and make even make adhoc hostel bookings.
  2. I journal down my thoughts and take photos of interesting site. If you are having Evernote premium, you can have offline storage, With that I stored all my essential travel details, such as hostel booking and travel info on it. I can refer to it even with “zero” connections. But most importantly, it allows me to write, like this post. I write and I publish it when I get to any connections available.
  3. I’m connected on the web, sometimes I think I actually suffer from Internet addiction. So this can be little test for me to see if I could go unplugged for a period of time. This also means I can be totally FREE. Free from emails, instant messages and whatever notifications I have on my phone. But in any case, I could not resist the temptation, I can use my iPhone to do some light surfing.

away from the web

It’s nice to be away from the web plus there are too much noises, which startup gotten funded, who made it to YC, who raised the next big round, etc etc are just the kind of news startups like to read but at the same time affecting the way you (as a founder) make decisions. This is worst when you are a single founder. Lucky for me, I have a co-founder which is why I have the luxury to travel while my co-founder is (suffering ) back in the office. ****i’m joking, both of us take time-off to recharge, so we come back with a clearly mind and to make better decisions**** Recently, Joel and Leo the founders of the bufferapp went off to a trip together, to get off from the web and to plan the next milestones for buffer. This seems like a great idea to try out.

I have just satisfied my writing needs. Love to hear your thoughts on how to travel light.

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