Thank you, Plugin@blk71

Team Plugin
From Left, Agus, Peckying, Liana, Cheng San

I wrote a few times about Plugin@blk71 and even mentioned that its like a family to me. But I am ashamed, I am ashamed that never did I share about the pillars behind it, because Plugin@blk71 is really just a space, a vacuum, without the amazing people in it, it has no life, no meaning.

I have forgotten who introduced or how did I find out about Plugin@Blk71, but the first day when we moved in, there was another startup that’s already there. We became good friends and often gossiped about the local startup scene. [Guess who they are here]

Tl:dr – I wrote one day the time would come and we would be leaving Blk71. Today, Intraix graduated. We will be moving to Chinatown – Pearl Hill Terence. I like to dedicate this post to the awesome people running plugin@blk71 and how this personally affects me.

Thank you charming Cheng San

Cheng San is the manager for Plugin@blk71, in other words, HE IS THE BOSS.

I remember when Plugin was used for the very first JFDI bootcamp, all hot-deskers have to move out from the main area to the break-out area. There was space shortage so we moved out from Plugin and to another friend’s office which as also located in Blk71.

This is also the period when BikeRoger got started and we have lots of bike items on hand. Maybe because we were too messy or we just had too much stuff, we had to leave our friend’s office. In another words, we were Officeless / Homeless whatever you like to call it. We came back to Plugin, without any question ask, Cheng San took us in, gave us a small space and even allow us to keep our bike items in the Plugin store room. And because of this, BikeRoger is able to continue our business and delivery.

Thank you handsome Agustiadi

I love bouncing ideas with Agus, because of his role, he gets to meet many startups and investors. So he is able to have a feel of the current startup trend and of course startup gossips. Agus has been a big help to Intraix, whenever there is a pitching event in Plugin, he will always ask us to apply. Or if he heard of any energy related startup news, he would shared with us too. It was also one of the pitching event that he recommended that we got to know our current investor.

Thank you beautiful Peckying

For those who are not familiar with Peckying, she is the one who organized the NUS Test Bedding Program. It’s a program that gives startups an opportunity to do market validation. Remember that Facebook started from Harvard too, she was very kind to invite many of the startups in Plugin to apply. Intraix was very lucky to be selected and we were given a chance to test-bed our product in NUS. Peckying was very helpful in organizing meeting and making sure that all the selected startups roll out their products in time. I’m sure Carousell also benefitted from this scheme. All thanks to Peckying.

*okie, I know, some readers will be thinking, whoa so pretty, maybe I should start visiting Plugin now. Just a little heads up she’s attached and currently busy with PGP5

Thank you pretty Liana

If you hold startup events in Plugin, but do not know about Liana than something must be really really wrong. She is the lady to go to when you hold an event in Plugin. I held two interesting meet-up in Plugin. A Tumblr meetup and An Asana Meetup, all these I went through Liana. sometimes when I forget certain details, she will send an email to remind me. And she does this for everyone, because she wants your event to be a success.

*okie, I dunno if Liana is attached, but you buy her t-shirts to get some notice from her

Thank you Cheng San, Agustiadi, Peckying, Liana, you guys are amazing. My time at Plugin is awesome with you guys around and I’m very grateful for your all help. But the most touching and beautiful thing is that you guys TRUST us(intraix) to deliver even thou others think we are crap. Graduating from Plugin is a milestone for Intraix and you guys are every part of this success. And I’m sure many graduates would share the same thoughts as me.

Finally also to fellow startups and friends in Plugin, you guys are amazing too. I enjoy running with you guys, having #beerhours and bouncing ideas.

Again, Thank you, you guys give Plugin@Blk71 life.

From Plugin Part-time Event Manager

p.s if you have graduated from Plugin or have benefitted from the Plugin eco-system and you have NOT given credits to the TEAM over at Plugin, It’s not too late to drop a thank you note on their Facebook or if you think I have written what you wanted to say, you can give it a tweet too.

p.p.s I may be fit, completed Ironman Triathlon, but when it comes to saying goodbye, I pretty bad at it so I wrote it.

5 thoughts on “Thank you, Plugin@blk71

  1. Never forget to thank those who’ve helped you along the way. Thanks Bryan for the reminder, and all the best for your continued journey elsewhere!

  2. OMG BRYAN.. u made all of us at Plug-In cry!! the place can’t be anymore awesome without start-ups like you all.. and its knowing that we’ve made a difference to the start-up world that gives meaning and love for our work 😥
    come back and visit please (though I’m going to be pgp5) hahaha. all the best and take care!!

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