Intraix Onwards To The Promised Land?


This start of 2013 has really been amazing for Intraix. We have our Home Energy Monitoring app launch with South West CDC on 27 Feb 2013. And this week, we signed a partnership deal with Smart Integration from Japan. This is definitely an exciting time for us. But I stop and start to look at the famous Paul Graham’s startup curve, where exactly is Intraix on the startup curve?

This is why you must go through the roller coaster ride. The wearing off phase is scary. The trough of sorrow is horrible. The crash of ineptitude is a near death experience. But without all of them, you can’t get feedback, you can’t learn what is just hype, and what is reality – AVC

Taking reference from the quote, We have certainly been through a wild and crazy roller coaster ride for the past year. The idea of of Intraix started in July 2011, We moved full-time into this idea in Sep 2011. No one like our idea, believe that our idea would work but the investors we met were very nice. They did not reject us outright and even offered us advised how we could possibly move forward especially in the commercial area.

Wearing Off of Novelty

Being entrepreneurs, we were stubborn. we sticked to our idea. We bootstrapped and borrow 20K from friends and family. 12 Jan 2012, we registered our company and try to push the idea into the market ourselves. We were wrong. Six months down the road, we got some traction but it soon die off. At this stage, if I could call it, it would be the “Wearing Off of Novelty

Trough Of Sorrow

Soon, we have frequent arguments, we were depressed, we were running our cash. But the lucky thing is that we are running bikeroger at that time. We are able to float our cash-flow around and keep things moving ahead SLOWLY… This we are in the “Trough Of Sorrow”

Crush of ineptitude to Wiggles Of False Hope

In the startup scene, things changed fast, real fast. We made the decision to pivot into the commercial scene. Within weeks, we got our first commercial product out and having someone to paid for it. *If you are wondering, we are still bootstrapping at this stage, no funding, ZERO, NIL. We thought that we have made it, someone was willing to pay us for our product. We continued knocking on doors but many rejected. While at the same time, It gives us am opportunity to understand the different needs in different type of building. And I proud to say we have a case study coming up soon.

hmmm, How about the Home Energy Monitoring app? Why are we doing it again?

we had a sharing session at a NUS CS class, talking about what we do and how our product can benefit the greater good (because we are in the space of energy conservation) Chris walk down to me, and he said what were doing with the web app was pretty interesting but it would be great if it is mobile. So I shared with him our situation and also share that no one is willing to pay for such an app.

A week later, we met up in blk71, we chat about the app and shared how Intraix is currently drawing the billing data from the utility. I mentioned Intraix is no longer doing this, coz we move in commercial space. but if he like to turn this web app into a real mobile app, by all means go ahead, we love to see it happen too… and the rest is history.

Intraix Mobile App Team
The guys who mades SWCDC project happened!

Have Intraix reach The Promised Land? I do not know but we are certainly not heading back.What do you think, love to hear your thoughts.

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