An app is not just an app, it’s much more.

Here’s a shout out to all startups out there,Happy Lunar New Year to all!! HUAT HUAT HUAT AH!!! 

And to all entrepreneurs,新的一年,生意兴隆,财源滚滚!

**non-chinese readers, it means I wish all of you prosperous in your ventures and make lots of money!

I actually wanted to skip writing this week because of the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration, but ever since I started my #apostaweek challenge it has become a habit. In fact, I love writing on Saturday night. I get to reflect on my work week and also to assess what have I accomplished / learn for my ever exciting startup journey.


As some of you may know, Intraix just launched our home energy monitoring app and It has been quite a wild ride for the past two weeks. I been receiving emails about login issues, energy data retrieval errors, how can an user collect their prizes, when will the prizes change, how do we do the tabulation of points and many other questions that I never expected etc etc. Now you may be thinking, why not create a FAQ? I actually did up a FAQ but I did not do a good job because I believe my FAQ could have been more comprehensive. And this leads to the experience that I want to share with you all today.

An app is not just an app, it’s much more.

When my friends heard saw the news and they call to congratulated me on the launch of the app, they also ask an interesting question.

 so Bryan, what’s next for Intraix, now that the app is out

Most of them are not in the tech scene, so it was hard for me to share with them that an app is not just an app. So I always use this example to share with them.


Launching an app is like launching a product. For example, I developed a new kettle and I have successfully placed this kettle on the NTUC appliance shelves. Now when the product is new, it will receive some publicity (maybe NTUC will place it as feature item) Customers see it on the feature item and decided to give it a try. They brought it home and encountered some setup issues, they look up on their warranty card and see a number to call. On the other end, the customer service officer answer their questions and try to resolve all their doubts about the kettle. But as time pasts, the kettle is dropped from the feature list and to keep sales coming, the kettle company comes up with new upgrades (maybe even trade ins) and promotions.

This is the same for an app.

When we develop the app, we thought we had it covered.We tested the app with beta users and made necessary chances according to their feedbacks. Everything was ready to go, we settle for a launch date and we were up on app store. This is pretty much like having a product up on an NTUC shelf.

Of course, together with the launch with South West CDC. We also gotten some media exposure and these lead to certain signups – much like customers who are willing to try out new kettle.

Next, came the emails from users who have difficult using the app (they experience problems like I mentioned above) Because they are the early adopters who are willing to give intraix app a try, if they are not convinces, how would the rest of the users be sold. This is also the part which is most time consuming and yet most meaningful. Because you will be able to find out more about how the users use your app while at the same time you need to spend lots of them with your users. And for the past two weeks, I been taking up the role of customer service and crafting out a workflow to manage users who are facing issues with the app.

So to my fellow friends, an app is more than just having it on app store.

I also chatted about this with SiuRui – cofounder of carousell and I thanked him for sharing with me his experiences too. What do you think? is launching an app as easy as it seems, love to hear your thoughts.

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3 thoughts on “An app is not just an app, it’s much more.

    1. Thank you Tienny for the comment.
      I read your blog and you have some interesting illustration . 🙂

      I could never draw, it just seems so hard. Maybe I should start taking up some sketching classes soon.

      keep drawing

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