Uber Is Now In Singapore!

My @uber ride confirmation
My @uber ride confirmation

Uber Is Now In Singapore, and I tried it with my mom yesterday. Although the price is a bit on the high side (see pricing here), the service was great.

Chinese lunar new year (CNY) is coming and every year my mom would be busy preparing for the steamboat dinner that we are going to have this coming CNY eve. This year it’s a little different, we decided that we could have our CNY celebration dinner outside. But there is this Taiwanese show (夜市人生) that my mom loves and would not miss, so we went for CNY lunch instead.

My mom has problem with her knees so she could not be standing for a long period of time. And I did not wanted her to be standing by the side of the road, while we try to catch a cab.

(For those who do not know, it’s relative tough to get a taxi in Singapore especially during the weekends.)

So thanks to Weileen, who shared with me his Uber promo code. I decided to give Uber – the on demand taxi-service a try. Uber has an app that you can download, the user interface for the app is simple and easy to use. Just select on the pick-up location and request for your black car. You now have your own personal driver.

Around 1130, I requested for my black car and within minutes Mr. Mohammed responded by calling me to confirm on my address and mentioned that he is on his way. While at the same time I also received an email about the confirmation of my ride. As Mr. Mohammed arrives, the Uber app sends me a notification while we were waiting comfortably at home.

We went down, my mom walked slowly but Mr. Mohammed was very patience. He greeted us and even opened the door for us. These gestures made us feel very welcome, even for my mom who seldoms comment on service, mentioned that the service was amazing.

As an entrepreneur, it’s interesting to understand how Uber business model works so during the ride, I was like “bombarding” Mr. Mohammed with questions, like how he got selected at the driver? does he get a fixed pay/commission? how did he got involved with uber?  – in case any of you wonder, I ask most of the questions while we were waiting for the traffic lights, because Mr. Mohammed needs to focus on the road and he was very professional about this

From what I understand, Mr. Mohammed works for a local limousine service company, recieves a fixed base salary but did not comment on the commission part (so not sure if they have it). The limousine service company has a partnership with Uber, specific detail he wasn’t sure. He also mentioned that the drivers in the company runs on two shifts during these two shifts there will always be driver dedicated for Uber.

Time flies, when you are enjoying the service. We reached Thomson Plaza. No payment was required because my credit card details have been input on the app and the fare charges would be debited from my card. This avoid so much hassle of finding losse changes to pay the fare, especially when a bus or a car is waiting behind (I’m sure many of you share the same experience before) 

After the ride, you get an email from Uber about your fare charges, a map of the route travelled and you can also go on to the app to give the driver a review. I gave Mr. Mohammed “FIVE stars”

In case you are wondering – the fare was S$31.00, the typically fare for a normal cab would have been about S$11.00. The added S$20.00 is for the convenience, the “cool factor” coz we were on a Mercedes S Class and the great service. To me it’s all worth it plus my mother was also very happy.

If you are looking to try out Uber, you can use my promo code. Or you can also download and sign up from the Uber iPhone or Android app and just enter this invite code on the sign up screen: uberBossLeeSG

**using the promo code will give you S$10.00 free and if you take your first ride, I will be credited with S$10.00 too. This is such good kiasu growth hacking  tactic but I think it works perfectly in Singapore. I hope you enjoy your first ride like me!

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