Should startups work together?

Working Together

As you read this post, Intraix will launching our mobile app at the ECo Day Out 2013 @ South West. This an annual event by South West CDC to highlight and educate the community on environmental issues like energy conservation and the 4Rs. For the past month, we have been preparing for the launch and I really learn a lot from launching the app. From time management, to bug testing and even communication among team membersHowever today instead of writing about what I learn, I like to share about “Should Startups Work Together

Startups move fast

Personally, I think startups should be working together at least at the initial stage. For example, last year four Singapore startups came together to ran a marketing campaign. They are LoveByte, TaskAmigo, HelpYouMarry, and HungryGoWhere (you can argue that HungryGoWhere is no longer a startup) I mean how often do you see big companies coming together and leverage on each other strength. Big companies have high and narrow organization structure, it takes weeks or even months even for the marketing department to arrange a joint initiative. Startups are different – we move fast, decisions are made sometimes within hours so it is much easier for startups to work together.

Leveraging on each other

Working together allows startups to have more time for other stuff, I guess if either Steve or Dawn had to run this on their own it would be painful. I’m a strong believer in TeamWork and the app that is launching today has works from GameMaki too. (and you start thinking, I thought Intraix has pivoted) I have a long story on this but to keep it short – Chris loves to build products, he is a builder. But not just any product, but a product that benefits people. Intraix has a web app on hand, we presented at a CS class. Chris and his team loves it, we loves Chris and his team – And Intraix mobile app is out – want to know who’s the other team members, catch it here

So back to GameMaki, we wanted to build an app with energy challenges that motivate and rewards users. We have two ways.

  1. we build our own.
  2. we find a white label

And when it comes to game and challenges, Gametize is the first thing that comes to our mind. We spoke to Keith, we told him our situation and the following week a meeting was setup between us and his team. We go deep into the technical details, api and sorts. Very soon, Intraix have our very own challenge feature on our app. As compare to building the challenge feature on our own, it would be much more time consuming. So this is why I shared that if startups work together, we can have more time for other stuff.

What do you think? Do you think startups should be working together? because I still do not see many startups doing this, love to hear your thoughts.

Photo Credit: lollyman

5 thoughts on “Should startups work together?

  1. ABSOLUTELY. I am all for supporting startups 100%, especially Intraix! We want to grow together and ride on your GLORY.

    actually, i’m surprised we couldn’t help you with the rewards bit – what a pity 😦

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