Welcoming A Better 2013 By Making New Year Resolutions Achievable

A Brand New Year 2013

We are minutes away from a Brand New Year. Here’s an early wishes to everyone

Happy New Year & Awesome Goodness in 2013!

Like many others, every year I shared my New Year Resolutions on my blog. Before starting this post, I did a search to read back all my resolutions. Many times, I started with many new goals but only manage to complete less than half. Do you face the same problem too?

Last I tried something different, I did a mid-year review. This helps me to stay focus and to measure what have I set out to do but not yet achieve. With a mid-year review, I could align my goals and make it achievable again.

So this year I going to try something different.

Keeping New Year Resolutions Short And Sweet

I’m going to list just three of them (although I have many in my mind). If I complete these three goals by mid-year, I would add another three. Or if I complete anyone of them, I would replace it with a new one.

This way by having small wins, it keeps me motivated and much less stressful because it hurts me (mentally) to see a long list of New Year Resolutions not begin completed very much like the “super-long” to do list you have down on your desktop. It’s counter-productive, so keep your New Year Resolutions short and sweet.

These are my New Year Resolutions for 2013

  • Build something fun and useful – The are 2 iOS apps I have in mind I would love to build.
    • Count-down Timer – this afternoon, Lijiuan suggested if I could code out a count-down timer app so we can use it for counting down tonight. Since I’m learning to code, it would be a good practice for me. Well, the idea seems simple but It’s not easy for me yet. I only half way with the app and the brand new year is coming. Current Status: the timer only counts up, my goal is to have a count-down timer ready for Chinese New Year? I nailed it
    • Pom-Chek Go Where? – an location based app for cyclist. When a cyclist meet with a flat tyre, they are able to use the app to find the nearest bicycle shop. Simple idea, great for my learning experience.  I did it
  • Run a 100km Race – I’m going to sign up for TNF100 2013. I’m doing this so that I can go for UTMF100Miles in 2014. What inspires me? The challenge of completing a mountainous race, my love for running and of course friends. I would be doing TNF100 2013 and UTMF100Miles 2014 with another two crazy friends.
  • Travel 2 cities – I believe traveling is the best learn and experience life. I will be heading up to Cebu in march, and will likely be planning another trip in September.

Let me know what you think of my idea of making New Year Resolutions Short And Sweet. I would love to hear what other ways do you use to keep your New Year Resolutions achievable too.

Image Credit: Found on xhlf3.tumblr.com

Post inspired by Daily Post Writing Challenge

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