It’s doomsday and I’m blogging.

Looking back 2012 - Bryan Lee

Initially I wanted to write a blog post titled my unexpected journey 2012 before doomsday. So I took some hours off yesterday thinking how should I start and this morning I started to craft the post, hopping I have it out in the evening .

But something happen today, my Mac went dead. It went dead because I tried to mess with the hostname in terminal. *protip; do not mess change your hostname unnecessary in your terminal. (I did this during a Python Training Class :P)

Usually, I would have gone crazy, blank and lost (you know that feeling when you are working on MS words and the things just crash on you and you had not saved the file.) #fml kinda of feeling

But today, I was a little bit more calm. I was calm because all my important stuff are in the cloud. So today, I really want to say Phil Libin and Drew Houston, you guys made a difference to my life today. And to whoever came out the great idea of cloud storage, give the man a tiger!

Family at Blk71

I’m restarting this post just a minute past doomsday. Because I just got the rest back from time machine. (Yes, Steve you made a difference too) So here’s my sharing of an unexpected journey in 2012.

tl:dr: For the past year, I been having fun, making new friends, learning new skills, making hard decisions that I sometimes regret but had to move forward and gaining lots of experiences in my startup journey.

My unexpected journey in Startup life

Intraix has started with an idea in 2011 and turn into a running business in 2012. Are we doing what we first conceived. No. Low cost home energy monitoring system (HEMS) just doesn’t make sense locally yet. So we pivoted (the word that Startups love to use) to Building Energy Monitoring. In another words, we are an Enterprise startup (lots of buzz around the word Enterprise among startups too) You can see our live demo here.

Tribesports vs Bikeroger.comWe also accidentally a pretty strong community for Yes. It’s a startup too. People have ask us why are you not focused? Well, this calls for another post but the community we build is even strong than Tribesports. (Not I say, fanpagekarma say) We did not even know we are building a community, we just wanted to use Facebook to publicse our services. But as the crowd grew, we do less of selling and more of engaging. And I learn so much about community building from

Also making a significant contribution to my startup life is Blk71…(Yes, Yes, I know. I talk a lot about Blk71) I posted that Blk71 is like a big family to me, but I like to give a  BIg BIg thank you credit to the guys and ladies running the show. They are the ones that makes Plugin@Blk71 special.

Thank you. AgustiadiPeck YingLiana (who has her own fanpage) and Cheng San.

My unexpected journey in Running.

Evernote Fitness Ambassador

I blog about my startup life, sometimes about tech and even my love for running. But I never expected that my love for running would bring me the following.

1. a chance to write for a magazine – I had the opportunity to write a 3 page Okaley Review for Run Singapore. The magazine is now on sale 😛

2. becoming an Evernote Fitness Ambassador – I love Evernote, it is my most commonly use productivity tool. I even used it as my training log. I blog about it and with my love for sports, I wrote in to apply for the Evernote International Ambassador program. I went through the interviews and proud to say. I made it.

Team Bikeroger ekiden

Also I ike to introduced Bikeroger Ekiden Team. I wrote about having pre-race jitter but it was all worth it. Out of 300 teams for the Ekiden race. We sent 2 teams and we got 11th and 24th placing. You guys are amazing. And I clocked my personal best at 8.8km – 38:35mins

My unexpected journey in Learning.

Now where you are spending most of your time in a workplace full of geeks, you will soon become a geek (in my opinion). There are many talents in Blk71 and there can be so much to learn from them. I’m a business student but I have not picked up HTML/CSS skills (Thanks to @zackyap, sorry if I keep bothering you why this? why that?) that I practiced it on my Tumblr, hopefully I can create beautiful Tumblr themes that thousands use.

Also, iOS programming. Some says it’s tough to learn it without programming experience. One guy wants to show that everyone can code, so on Sat/Sun he will spent sometime to teach me iOS. Our common goal to turn me from a iOS noob to ‘coder’ (even if that means creating a simple RSS reader app) I’m using a 30 days challenge app to monitor my progress. You can see it here.

Sorry for the super long post, but i’m sure you can feel that I love writing :D.

Finally, I love startup life and I really hope to see the startup community grow in Singapore. So I took the initiative to create 2 little side projects. (to do or not to do side projects, you can read it here)

1. Startups in Singapore – It is a rotation curation projection (@Khyathi92 from WeBlog is also helping out in this project). 52 weeks, each week an entrepreneur will be tweeting from a common twitter account and they can share their startup life experiences. Why I do this? I really want people to know more about our Singapore startup culture and I hope this would be a good way to share different experiences.

2. PSDPY.COM – A simple side project with Weileen. It’s a job portal side for startups. One problem that we faced while hiring for our own startups, it hard to find good talent. Job sites like Job.db or Jobstreet does not cater to the crowd of Startups and many times these job sites does not bring in suitable applicants. PSDPY.COM is a free to post jobs site, everyday 3~5 tweets will be out to share in the startup twitter verse.

I would love to hear feedbacks from you about these side projects, if you like to join in. I’m most welcome.

p/s It’s 02:21, i’m still alive and have finished my 2012 wrap-up 😀 #backtowork 

3 thoughts on “It’s doomsday and I’m blogging.

  1. Love this post personally. I can relate to many of the startup experiences you mentioned, although I’ve since deviated from that. I consider trying anything new a startup nowadays.
    Keep going! Hope to see Intraix succeed.

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