30 Days with Timex Road Trainer RT3

I previously blog about the winning of Timex Road Trainer RT3 GPS and today I like to share a review about the Timex Road Trainer RT3. My buddy Darrell also contributed to this article. Both of us love cycling, so I thought I shared the Timex Road Trainer with him. Each of us use 30 days and see if there is any dispute in our experience.

TL:DR – We believe that the RT3 is value for money and ideal as a first bike (entry level) training computer for everyone. The scale down features without Maps is good enough for local training.

Image credit: BIkeRadar

Back Casing


  • USB Port Easy to Locate
  • Located at the back – Water / Sweat doesn’t interact with it easily – Lesser prone to rusting and corrosion
  • “Snap-On” design of Mount easy to use and understand – easy to mount vertically and horizontally


  • Rubber Protecting the USB port flimsy and prone to falling off easily after removing too many times.
  • Mini-USB not as popular as Micro-USB port – might be better with a micro-usb port
Image credit: dcrainmaker.com

Battery and Backlighting


  • Long Lasting Per Charge – More than 18 hours
  • Rechargeable via Mini-USB
  • Timex standard INDIGLO very appropriate for night riding
  • Able to set how long Light stays on – which is good


  • Haven’t rode in the rain before so can’t decide on the waterproofing portion but it is IPX7 waterproofed, which means it can withstand immersion in water up to 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes
  • Concerns of corrosion to the metallic mini usb port
GPS using SiRFstarIII GPS Technology


for most of us, the concern is what’s the use of GPS when it’s not accurate! and what is this SiRFstarIII Technology?


  • Refreshes very quickly (No lag in refreshing)
  • Automatic detection of Start/Stop very responsive ( Moment i start/stop pedaling, meter turns on/off automatically within a second ).


  • Takes too long to fix GPS (~4 minutes)
  • Not really responsive if near buildings
  • Not really accurate – cycled with my speedometer and speed measured by GPS Feature shows 3kmph lesser than that measured of my speedometer
  • No real need of compass function for me here in Singapore
  • Needs to have a ANT+ Speedometer for more responsive and accurate readings
Features we love to have?

The Setting & Features


  • Good Templates to choose from – 5 customizable screens and able to choose 1-6 components for every screen.
  • Good for different usages, e.g.
  • Long Distance Local Rides = Timer / Time / Speed / Average / Distance / Cadence
  • Trainer / HR Training = Timer / Time / HR Average / Max HR / HR % / Cadence
  • Notification that allows you to train according to HR Zone – Beeps when you hit upper limit / lower limit of training zone
  • Interval Setting good for Bike Interval Training on the Trainer


  • Notification can be a little irritating sometimes (Speed too slow / Speed too high )
The HRM Sensor

The HRM Sensor


  • The Flex Tech Digital 2.4 HRM Sensor is easy to latch on
  • No abrasion and laceration complaints
  • Reading consistent and accurate compared to other HRM devices
  • Material used comfortable and wont result in rashes
  • Does not Slip easily


  • Yet to determine how long the elasticity will last since only worn 5 times.
  • Elasticity of HR Band crucial in determining purchase of equipment.

Phew… that was a long list. This is the first attempt to have a combine review and putting it all into point forms. We hope this can be helpful for cyclist who are looking to purchase a GPS trainer. And in summary, we think that Timex RT3 makes a suitable candiate for entry level GPS Trainer. –  there is also another review of this on DCrainmaker.com < do check it out.

**Love to hear your views about our style of reviewing, good/bad?

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