Why Blogging Is Dead–And What’s Next | Fast Company

Seriously, is blogging really dead? I couldn’t really say so myself.

So I see that moving my blog around like this is just staving off the inevitable; we are moving to collections and curations, to mobile content, and to different authoring tools. Think for a moment about the incredible popularity of Tumblr, or of Pinterest. I believe they are early iterations of the content revolution.

via Why Blogging Is Dead–And What’s Next | Fast Company.

I been blogging from 2006 and it all started because I wanted to better improve my writing. I too shifted between blogging platform, but have stay with wordpress.com for the last 6 years. I have to confessed that when I first tried tumblr, I think it’s full of rubbish and does not have the functionality of a “blog”.

However, as I get more involved with social media especially with the build up of Bikeroger, I learn more about tumblr. Aside from all the wordpress.com vs tumblr comparison, I personally feel it’s easier to become a curator and maybe sometimes creator on Tumblr. So I personally decided to give tumblr a 2nd try and have been quite involved with it, I share stuff on tumblr almost on a daily basis. But that does not mean blogging is dead. It only means a different publishing platform is use. In my opinion, this is the same for Facebook or twitter. I have friends who gave up writing on their blog and started to post all their writing as status post on Facebook, while some moved to Twitter because it’s easier to for them to write in 140.

And this is why I agreed with Mathew Ingram from gigaom who posted a year ago on this topic – “blogging is dead just like web is dead” and he ended with the following:

So while “blogging” may be on the decline, personal publishing has arguably never been healthier.

On the issue of mobile content, I would like to share a piece of what @zackyap mentioned when we had this discussion too.

It’s the natural evolution post the rise of mobile. Stories and journalism no longer have to be static. In fact, it can now be done on the go, and over time. It’s no longer just an article but the shifting perspectives of the writer.

Do you think blogging is dead? Love to discuss.

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