The trend towards the single page web

If you are not tech savvy and you are looking to do up a website. You can go online and get a quote from any web studios. They will be charging like $800 for 5 pages and the more pages you create, the more you pay just like the one above.

But recently there seems to be a trend towards single page website and some of them are really well done. For example, is a straight forward, easy to digest single page website.

It’s sort of like scrolling down a pdf file in presentation format. With big words and a single call for action.

Well if you like it to be fancy, you can check out too.

Each slide down in the page changes the color and graphics. But the amazing thing is that despite the fanciness, it is still easy to navigate.

unfold is another single page website that’s pretty amazing.

Big words, big images and graphical yet at the same time undisturbing.

And finally, (I like this the most) they use a single web page to tell a story, just like pitching an idea. They shared with you the problem then the solution with a call for action at the end.

So what do you think? Would you opt for a single page website? I would.

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