Startup Hiring: How does Zestyl assess their hire for the UI/UX position?

Last week, I had a post on hiring sharing my experience about startup hiring in Singapore. I received some emails sharing what are the things they did to attract talents. Some feedback on how I could improve my blog post and even contributed to new ideas. So starting this week, I will be working down the hiring list understanding what each of the startups are looking for in their hire. And who wins?

  1. A win for the startup to share what kind of the talent they are looking for.
  2. A win for talent to know about the position and hopefully their culture.
  3. A win for me to learn from all the startups and improve my writing.
Zestyl Founders: (from left) @zackyap @jalenlum @zihaur

tl:dr – Zestyl is looking for a UX/UI designer, and this is their job description. (contact

Are you a ninja? A rockstar? Well good if you are, but what we really need is a kick ass designer who loves his / her craft. You believe in a simple user experience and pixels so much you obsess over them and make sure that a user is left ecstatic as they use an app.

So Zack, what is Zestyl?

Zestyl is our company name and we are working on Recount. It is a social journal built for the modern web and mobile user. We believe that that current solutions to record experiences in life (like Facebook timeline and other mobile journals) are falling short in certain areas and we want to fix it. Recount is the beginning and we want to make sure there’s a right mix of journaling and connecting people through similar experiences. We believe in a world connected by their experiences and the stories they tell.

As a startup, how would you assess your first hire? especially for the position in UI/UX?

we focus our assessment mainly on ability and culture fit. Culture fit is paramount because we are currently 3 founders and our first hire will be 25% of our company culture. There is no quick fix to determine culture fit but we think that a geeky and fun loving person will be awesome to work with. 😉  Of course, someone who already keeps tabs of experiences in their lives regularly on any blog or social media right now would be preferred.

Plus a UX/UI Designer needs to be excellent at understanding a modern users’ needs in social journaling and be able to design applications that are both easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. Dedication and drive in the craft is essential.

Nice, are you looking for other positions as well?

We are also looking for iOS mobile developer. The best way to record your experiences, thoughts and emotions is to have the app with you on the go. Everyone has a story worth telling. Anyone who believes that keeping a record of one’s life can be done better should send their resume and portfolio of previous works to

Amazing Photo by: Marcus

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