Would you like to join my startup, Please?

Are you looking to hire? We at Intraix are hiring too, but it’s not easy to find an employee for a startup here in Singapore. We faced several challenges and I personally think that it tougher than running a marathon. So I would like to share with you some of the challenges a startup may face in this post.

tl;dr – Hate 9 to 5? love working with geeks? love overtime? Want to change the world?

Click here see the list of startups hiring


The long version

First, we have to abide to the Singapore MOM regulation (#justsoyouknow)

As a tech startup, you are considered under the “Service” sector. So if you are a 2 man team, you would be able to hire 1 foreign worker. *FTE means Full Time Employee.

*requirement for foreigner quota – click here.


Second, we faced strong competitions for talent. 

  1. We have to compete Directly the tech giants (Facebook, Google, Yahoo SEA, Microsoft)
  2. We have to compete Indirectly with lucrative industries such as Banking, Consulting etc…
  3. Finally, we have to compete Directly Against YOU! (My fellow startups)

Usually monetary compensation is the key factor to draw the desired talent to you, but not all are looking for money. Some employees are looking for job growth and they also assess if your startup culture fits theirs. One amazing local startup Burrple has been hiring aggressively and they have grown from a team of 3 to now 5 (with 2 more joining soon) and they are not the only startups hiring.


Third, the channels we are using now may not reach the correct audience.

Career talksit’s hard to find startups at career talks, because it’s not our style. It’s for the corporate to give you free dinner and sometimes #swags

Career Fairs – You will see some startups here, but usually career fairs are cater to SMB and government agencies.

Online Job Portals – sites such as jobstreet.com, jobsdb.com. You pay a fixed sum, post up your job ads and get tons of emails from misfit applicants.


So what do you do?

At Intraix, we love referrals. We secured a few software engineers working with us on a project basis through referrals and working with them is simply awesome. But is there a better way? Apparently, Weileen from sent.ly shared a simple google doc spreadsheet, asking fellow startups to key in what openings are available. Leveraging on crowdsourcing, at the time of writing there are about 64 positions. The cost is ZERO to startups and the spreadsheet is shared across multiple social media but most importantly it is reaching the right audience. For example, it is shared on NUS hackers, several programming facebook group like Singapore PHP User Group etc… These are the people who eat, sleep, live tech and they are the ones we startups are looking for. In fact, I received more applicants from this google spreadsheet than any online job portal Intraix posted.

What other ways do you suggest reaching out to attract talent? Would you consider a job board cater to startups to be a good start? I love to hear from you.

Photo Credit: dirjournal.com

4 thoughts on “Would you like to join my startup, Please?

  1. Firstly, I think your company objective has to be clear for the next 3 years. By second year, if you are expanding to bigger team, means more operation cost which is a stress to startup company. But i think with your active participation in institution lecture now, you can source for potential programmer in the institution. Option like part time or allowance for him during school, them employed him after graduation. This cost lesser in manpower compare with experience programmer in market. Use the resources you can access wisely. Hope this help in someways.

    1. Hi,

      great to hear your comments here. Yes, definitely using the opportunity to look for outstanding talents. And as you mentioned we have to be clear what we want to achieve for the next 3 years. We advance a step at a time, but we do set milestones each on a regular basis.

      Again, thanks for the feedback. Looking forward to our dinner again 😀

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