If you love tumblr, come join us at Plug-in@Blk71

Bryan’s Tumblog — Singapore Tumblr Meetup Group – Plug-in@Blk71.

It feels a little strange to be posting Tumblr meetup here, but I would like to invite all of you Tumblers or No Tumblers to come for the Singapore Tumblr Meetup 2012.

This event would be held over at Plug-in@Blk71 on 1st Nov 2012, 4pm. This is an informal sharing session for bloggers. There will be 3 Tumblr bloggers down to share how they grow their audience and gain readership on Tumblr.

There will also be Tumblr goodies given out to all the participants (just like the one above, a Tumblr tote bag) I have limited stocks for the tote bags so it’s while stock last. But there are other swags available too 😀

If you think, I’m a wordpress user why should I attend?

Simple. Head down to Plug-in@Blk71 to make more friends. Maybe you start loving Tumblr too?

Register here. If you faced troubles with registration, you can drop a comment here. I’m looking forward to meet fellow wordpress bloggers too.

p/s. If you are thinking, hey Bryan aren’t you a WordPress user why are you organizing a Tumblr meetup?

You will find out on that day 😀

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