There is no perfect blogging platform.Stop comparing!

For the past many weeks, I have been “wasting” an hour of my time each day trying to figure out which blogging platform should I use. I was trying to find the “perfect blogging platform”. The one that can give me SEO ability like WordPress, the one that have beautiful designed themes like Tumblr and the one that can give me customizable features such as custom domain and CSS for free. And most importantly “No ads”

There is no such thing.

If you are an entrepreneur, maybe building such a platform would take some users off from the leading blogging platforms 🙂

This post is not about WordPress vs Tumblr or comparing any other CMS platform but about how I fell into the trap of finding the perfect blogging platform between the two and totally forgotten that blogging is about contents and enjoying the process of getting the ideas out.

How I got started?

It all started when I took up the HTML & CSS lessons with Codecademy. I made use of what I learn and applied on Tumblr coz of the free customization features. I added a bit of Java Script here and there. I even try to mimic successful entrepreneurs’ blog that are on Tumblr, thinking that it’s the design and features of the blog that help them to gain readership.

Here’s a list of stuff I added.

1. Hello Bar – caught this off from Gray Vaynerchuk. It’s a notification like bar that allows you to grab your user’s attention and direct them to a call to action.

2. Google Analytics

3. Disqus 2012, now with discovery maybe I can make a buck or two.

4. Addthis – for social sharing

I was having fun (I’m still is) and I enjoyed it. I even bought a domain name Sharing is so easy on Tumblr and the themes look fantastic. So I thought why not I shift my current blog over? And have everything on Tumblr. I tried but writing long post on tumblr wasn’t much fun.

The fun stop.

While at the same time I also wanted the SEO of WordPress and I came back. I was jumping between the two platforms, confusing my readers sometimes even myself. I spent days reading up on articles comparing which platform is better for me even to the extend of asking my friends. All these but sitting down to do what I love most. Write. And writing a good piece.

Lesson learned: There is no perfect bogging platform.

And if you are thinking actually have lots to offer. I couldn’t agree more but I like to be in the community (something both and Tumblr offer). Creating a self-host blog is like a deserted island unless you already have a group of audiences 🙂

Tumblr is not meant to be a WordPress competitor, it’s a very different thing: the simplicity and underlying social principles give it a different feel to standard blogging platforms –

Whatever CMS platform you are using, the traffic will come if you start writing. Do not fall into the trap like me, switching around. Spending more time configuring the blog than to spend time on writing. I hope this blog post will help bloggers who are facing the same issues like me to stop thinking about the blogging platform and to start writing.

Still not convinced?

Beautiful photoblogs on

Interesting long form blogs on tumblr

  • Joel Gascoigne – founder of buffer app. share his awesome startup experience on his blog. I love reading it.
  • Mark Birch – Random thoughts from a NYC entrepreneur and investor about start-ups, technology

How I got out of the trap?

I get back to the part where the fun is. Or you can continue searching 😀

A good post may take 3-5 hours when all is said and done. That time (for me) is often directly taken away from other professional activity, so the opportunity cost is quite high. In other words, I must have a good reason for doing so or else I really shouldn’t be doing it. –

9 thoughts on “There is no perfect blogging platform.Stop comparing!

  1. You are so right! This is my dilemma too! Its not that I’m looking for the perfect platform, its just that I’m confused which one is right for me. Anyway, I decided to just use them both! LOL I just linked my WordPress to my Tumblr so that any posts I make here will also be seen on my tumblr. 😀

    1. yeah. I was just like you. So I wrote the post to remind myself to start writing first and worried about the platform later 😀

      anyway I checked with my friends in China, if you have audiences from China, they may have a problem finding you, but tumblr works well from China 😀 #fyi

      1. really? I don’t really know a thing about audiences. I just kinda write for myself right now and if someone finds it interesting, that fine and if no one finds it its okay too.. haha.

      2. yeap. enjoying the blogging process is most important. you blog post on blogging platforms have an interesting angle too 😀

      3. thanks! I’m glad you got to understand my blog post! haha! I was pretty much just rambling and writing whatever comes into my head first. LOL 😀

  2. Great post!
    I think it truly depends on what works for each person and what that individual’s blogging goals are; I don’t understand the back and forth about Blogger v WordPress. Go with what you know and what you like. If it doesn’t work out, then try something new 🙂

    1. Hi Kimerly,

      Thanks for the advice. I went to your site It’s very niche and I really like it. This is something that I’m looking to learn.

      I’m actually planning to turn this blog into a niche site particular sharing my startuplife and tech. This blog has been with me a long time, it started out as a personal dairy than to a trading log when I learn about investments in business school. In 2008, it was my travel blog. At the start of 2009, it was back to personal blog again particular towards school matters and running. 2010 onwards, I start to step into the world of startups and I begin writing more about my startup experiences also took the opportunity to interview some guests regarding startup matters. So this blog has me in it, if I may, if I would vision myself as a Tech Blogger, do you think I should start a new site or do I start brand new from here?

      Thank you so much and looking forward to hear from you 😀

      as for tumblr, yes I love the crowd there, I love sharing there but you are right about “If it doesn’t work out, then try something new” I love writing here 😀


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