Unboxing Timex Road Trainer RT3 GPS

Yes, I’m the cyclist who won this 😀

I like to first thank @yiheng for sharing the RT3 contest on facebook, otherwise I would not have known there was such a contest. Next, thank you Timex. I would certainly put the RT3 into good use.

I’m not a hardcore cycling gadget kind of person. I always been using cycling speedometer with basic functions, and it was good enough for me.

Before RT3 I was using Echowell U4W and I used it to track my average speed, max speed and distance travelled, thats about it. But I do have friends who are crazy about cycling gadgets, they purchase GPS cycling computer and power-sensors so that they can analyse their cycling performance and optimized their riding. They often share their analysis with me and I look forward to do the same with RT3 as I trained for my next triathlon race 😀

So let me start unboxing Timex RT3

In short: The RT3 bike computer adds a dashboard to your handlebars.  Five screens of real-time cycling data provided by GPS, the included heart rate sensor, and optional ANT+ bike and power sensors let you track your performance and finely tune your rides. It is also part of Timex integrated GPS watch series.

Four key items. The bike computer itself (Duh!!!), the bike mount, heart rate monitor and the usb cable to transfer data over to your com. It requires to download a software from here No worries, I’m a mac user too, timex got us covered. You can adjust the setting on the bike computer or you can chose to adjust the setting of RT3 with the software. I would suggest going ahead with the software coz it is faster.

I apologized for my rusty handle bar :P. When you first switch it will start searching for it’s location. Takes about 3~5mins.

It pops up just like a car dashboard, you can see everything. I’m kind of not use to it, because there seem to be so much information.

How high and far have you climb that hill, finally I can go measure mount faber and NTU. Friends used to ask “hey bryan, how is IM Langkawi hill like, I would replied: about 4x mount faber” now I can give a number.

Burn fat burn fat burn fat… How much calories have to burn during the morning ride so you can know how many mugs of beer you can drink later in the evening

Seriously, this function I have no use for it. How can you get lost in Singapore?

Date & Time, why do you need to know this? because you cannot be on the bike all day 😛

This complete my unboxing, I’m heading out for a ride. Here’s a video from Timex too.

**FYI: I collected my Timex RT3 from Royal Sporting House and they informed me that CRYSTAL TIME is no longer the agent for Timex. So if you own a Timex and it is still  under warranty, you have to look for Royal Sporting House now.

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