Running the Safra Army Half Marathon 2012

Just last week, I had an awesome run with my friends over at Safra AHM. I am slightly disappointed with my timing because I was aiming for a 1:45:00. But this also pushes me to work harder for the next race. Thank you Weileen, Coach Sham and Weesan for your pacing, otherwise I would be further behind my goal.

Something to comfort myself: just 3 weeks before AHM I had to attend my annual ICT, which slightly broke my training momentum, still this is not an excuse.

My form breakdown:
0-5km: start out fresh. Running side by side with Weileen at a pace of 1km – 4:55 which was quite inline with our goal.

5km-10km: form is good. Caught up with Coach Sham and Weesan. Sky was still dark and the only thing in my mind was to follow coach’s footstep. Left right left right hiding right behind him just making sure I do not step onto his feet. I also started to drink at every interval drink station.

10km-15km: Weileen broke away. I remained behind Coach and sometimes behind Weesan. A lady in purple sports top joined in to our running group. Pace slightly drop to 1km – 5:02. I started to feel fatigue and began to pour water over head. This pouring of water overhead served as a wake up call for me “hey, do not STOP now”

15km-21km: Every one kilometer seems so far away while at the same time I started to feel energised. Because each and everyone of us know we are finishing.  And finishing means our suffering is coming to an end. Towards the last 5km, the slope up Nicoll Highway was tough, each step was heavy as hell. Weesan was just beside me and we both hear Coach screaming “come on, you do not give up now. step by step” With this we ramped on.

Crossing the finishing line, I have one thing in mind.

finally, the end of my suffering.

This 21KM, I did not walk a bit. I am proud of myself. I finally understand “train hard to race easy”.

Do you have an memorable race to share? I love to hear inspiring stories. Because when I hit a wall, I will remember your story

3 thoughts on “Running the Safra Army Half Marathon 2012

  1. Awesome sub 2 my friend.. its good to have a target. looks like Coach Sham trained you guys well.. I didnt race cause of my injured foot, but will see you around for all the races.


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