BillPin: A social payment app that helps BILL my “cheapo” friends.

Have you ever meet a fellow friend or even colleague, that often ask if you could help him buy lunch. He will say he will pay you later but in the end the payment never came. Than you start to think how should you collect from him because asking for $3.00 seems like a bit embarrassing, so in the end you let it go and he get away with a free lunch 😦

Now with BillPin, I can subtly BILL him for payment. And if he does not pay, **I can keep sending him notification to pay! until he gives up. Because when you select a friend to send a bill to, BillPin will send a notification to him.

Bye bye cheapos!

BillPin is founded by Darius Cheung an serial entrepreneur who sold his company TenCube to McAfee in 2010. Darius sees BillPin as a solution to help people to track who owes what. And the beauty is to make it dead simple.

I see another pain point this app is solving, beside helping me to track my “cheapo” friends. There are situations like group gathering, where someone usually pays for the group dinner and later on everyone transfer the respective amount to the payer. This app will certainly help the payer to track who paid and not. But if this app could tied up with a payment gateway ‘ahhhh” that would be awesome. I can pay it straight through the app without even logging in to internet banking saving all the hassle. **#wishlist feature

Well, if you have friends/colleagues taking advantage of you. It’s time to make them pay.

Thank you BILLPIN.

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