Lovebyte, the flirting app for couples.

Words coming out from founder of the superstar incubator 500startups shouldn’t be ignored.

Great products and companies do 1 of 3 things: Get you laid (Sex), get you paid (Money), get you made (Power). “How does your solution tap into the emotional, powerful, evolutionary needs that we as humans have?”, asks McClure.

SEX certainly sells, just take a look at the growth of dating/flirting apps available. In the western world we have Badoo – Whether is it one night stand (ONS) or long term relationship, there is always someone for everyone 😀 And in the eastern side we see fast growing Momoa LBS find-and-flirt chat app.

However on the other end Lovebyte, a social app that offers private space for couples recently launched. A app that runs opposite of the flirting apps. It’s only for couples. There are similars around like Between and Pair. My girlfriend & I once tried to use Path to keep memories of what we do together. But as more friends started using Path, they started to add us and it wasn’t nice when you friends ask why did you not add them. Once again we moved back to our blog.

Lovebyte have been covered by several tech blogs and recently been crowned the #1 spot for Top Free Lifestyle apps in Singapore appstore. My girlfriend & I tried it. We think that the features are pretty much similar to Between and Pair (things like msging between the 2 of us, sending photos..etc) but the scratch cards feature is definitely a twist 😀

My girlfriend loves the iphone and it never leaves her. I used the scratch card feature to send her a challenge “to have a day without technology for both of us“. The feature allows me subtly tells her “helloo..can you put the phone away?” in a fun & loving way 😀 Once the challenge have been achieved, we pin it down with a photo to our timeline. For the guys dealing with “tigress” this feature will allow you to express your subtle messages. And for the rest out there whatever cheeky words or challenges you can think of using the scratch card feature is really up to your imagination:P

*I have checked with the founder, if you are thinking of using the scratch card feature to flirt, you need to create several accounts, sign in & sign out because each pairing if only for  ONE couple 😀 but if there are enough requests, he might consider creating a tab for the ease of switching accounts. His twitter is @stevesng so guys let start blasting away.

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