Plug-in@Blk71 is more than FREE pizzas.

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Last november, I posted about the hottest place for Startups in Singapore and that’s Plug-in@Blk71. When we first moved into Blk71, it was just a hot-desking space to me, in another words “a free space” where we do not have to pay rent. A space where we can get super-fast internet that many are downloading their ass off the torrents. A space where we enjoy the “freezing” aircon and many times I have to wear my team NUS jacket when the outside temperature is soaring high 😀 And finally a place where startups get to enjoy FREE food after startup events.

As time passes, I feel different. Plug-in has become a place much more than the perks above. It is now a place where I make new friends, learn new stuff and stay up to date with the latest startup scene in Singapore. Everyday is different at Plug-in, there are many startup events and these become an opportunity for a startup to network. But what I loved most are friends I made and the things I learn from them. You  can speak to anyone inside Plug-in and almost 100% someone will offer their help, and if that person does not know he/she would certainly refer you to someone who does. There are tons of talent in Plug-in. if all of us combine, we are facebook x100. :)))

Just like today, we had a small lepak session where we get to know everyone in the house, understanding what each other are doing. Besides startup related activities, there are also running/badminton/movie sessions. Plug-in@Blk71 just about food to me. I think NOT, it’s more like a family.

Every entrepreneurs dream to is grow a big company or build something that leaves a legacy. So it comes a time when we need to leave Plug-in either because it’s a nursing ground for startups and we leave for either 2 reasons.

  • we have grow out of seed stage
  • or the business idea fail
both are good in a way, because if we grow out from seed stage than it’s time to welcome others to join the Plug-in family and received TLC. And if it’s the other way, it’s also a indicator for the entrepreneurs to move on – just like Drew Houston (Dropbox).

5 thoughts on “Plug-in@Blk71 is more than FREE pizzas.

  1. Thank you for such an honest post. I have visitied Blk71 two mths ago when I was last back in Singapore and came away refreshed and impressed. I hope to be a part of this ecosystem and learn from and contribute to it.

    1. hey terence 😀

      looking forward to see you in blk71. you do tri 😀
      we have running sessions too maybe if you like we can train together.

      what’s your next upcoming race 😀

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