Port Dickson Triathlon 2012 Post Thoughts

all on podium. everyone is a winner!

2 years ago, I did my first Port Dickson Triathlon 2010. I did it in a total of 02:46:24. Although it was below my target of 3 hours. I know deep in my heart that I could have done better. Because I pushed during the ride and at the run, I was unable to sustain and had to walked for quite a distance.

This year, I am really happy with my run. I did not walk through out the run route. I keep telling myself that this is my race and this is my pace. Because sometimes when you see others running past you, you get demoralized or your ego kicks in and you go on chasing. This breaks momentum.


A typical OD Tri is 1.5km swim, 40km bike and 10km run.

And my result this year, 02:34:44.

I am very happy with the result. Btw, this is also the year where I started off the race alone, because my friends belong to a different age group 😛 I may not be on the podium but I like to thank many people for making triathlon so much fun. I have a bunch of crazy friends who race together with me. I have Mommy Tiger who plans swim circuit and bike training for us And Coach Sham from TRF who trains me on my running form.

finally if you have not try Port Dickson Triathlon before you should!.:D

a brief into to Port Dickson Triathlon aka PD Tri – PD tri is organise by Uncle Chan, he is the forefather of organising triathlon events in Malaysia. Attending race briefing by Uncle Chan is like attending a talk show, full of fun and laughter. “Seasoned triathletes, you know what I mean :)” Unlike a typically Olympic Distance Triathlon The race is also less “strict” meaning it is common to see long chain of bike drafting at the course. Plus you might find yourself clocking your best time in PD tri because the race route is kinda of “shorten”. This year, as tracked by my friend’s garmin the run route is actually 9km instead of the typically 10km 🙂

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