It’s now half-time, Are you reaching your goals yet?

I left my job on 25 July 2011. Looking back it’s been sometime since I venture out on my own. The lessons I learn and the people I met during the past 11 months were the most awesome bunch ever.

Entrepreneurs are so full of energy.

As I step into the 2nd half of the year, maybe this would be a good time to see what have I accomplished and did I actually manage to fulfill my New Year Resolutions made at the start of the year.

Spending time on building startup as well as taking some time off for my CFA Level 2 exam was the bulk of my time spent for the last half of the year. Some friends have been asking, “you are an entrepreneur, why do you need a CFA?” this is a different post altogether but the knowledge that I learn from the readings CFA certainly helps me to understand about managing cash-flow in a more efficient way.  Now it’s all about waiting for the results. I failed CFA Level 2, I am sad but I also know that I love tech more than CFA now…

Now that my exam is over, it’s time to learn some coding. I’m so thankful that I was an engineer when I was in poly. I hope this will help me pick up computing language more easily. I got friends who said, do what you are good at? why bother learning to code? Hire a CTO.. this is what an entrepreneur should do. Do you agree? Personally, I think hiring a CTO is a brilliant idea. I am thinking that adding a new skill-set for myself would be good too. Watch the video 🙂

And best of all, it’s free. No more tuition fee loan!

Reading a book a month, am doing it now. And I like to thank Burrple founder Elisha – He recommended Zappos and it totally transformed the way we run bikeroger.

Cycling to work! That’s what I do most of the time now. Besides good exercise it also helps to bring awareness to the e-commence site bikeroger we are building.  Having a successful retail venture was one of my goals and bikeroger certainly is on it way. And I would love to share how bikeroger actually got started and what I learn that from the process that benefits even for Intraix.

Friends who are concern about the development of Intraix, not to worry. We are good 😀 as we have just released our 1st version and have about 50 household testing it 😀

Of course there are always things I did not fulfilled 😦 but I still have the 2nd part of the year left 😀 resolutions like attending church regularly and posting frequently on my startup journey – it’s also a way to see if I am on the correct track.

At this point of time, I also like to add one more goal. I never have been a good runner. The best marathon I did was 4:17hrs in 2008 Shanghai Marathon. I really want to do a good time of sub 4hours for my marathon. This year I plan to sign up for 42km Singapore Marathon. I will blog about my running journey and I would love if you can join in with me. I would need your support.

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