My Experience Of CFA Level 2 Exam Day at Singapore Expo

Last Sunday, I just had my most “awesome” exam ever. It was the CFA Level 2 exam. The stress level was so high that even on the way towards the exam center I felt nervous. So what did I do, I tweeted (to de-stress) 😀

When you are on the train and you see someone reading the CFA notes, how would you feel? I would be thinking, hmm did I miss anything, oh what is that formula for this/ for that. That feeling sucks. Than you start to think, if there are so many people taking CFA, has it become a commodity? (Trying to comfort myself if I failed)

 “The CFA is still a really valid credential. It’s still as hard as ever to achieve it, and I think it still adds a lot of value,” says Sandy Gross, managing partner and founder of Pinetum Partners LLC. She even likens the designation to “an MBA on steroids,” due to the program’s focus on investment knowledge. –

She says its MBA on steroids.I couldn’t agree more

When I see others continue to read the study materials, I get even more nervous

If case you found this article towards the CFA Exam Day here’s a little guide from CFA Institute.

Planning For Exam Day

  • It’s important to eat breakfast on exam day. (Totally agreed, you need all the energy you can get. you are allowed to bring in sweets too to keep you awake!!!)
  • Plan to arrive at your test center at least one hour before your exam is scheduled to begin. (See photo above)
  • Before you leave home, be sure you have the following items:
    • Valid international travel passport
    • Exam admission ticket
    • Approved calculator(s)
    • Approved writing instruments (pencils for Levels I and II, pens and pencils for Level III)
    • Any additional permitted items you may need during the exam such as pencil sharpeners, erasers, loose calculator batteries, lunch or money to purchase lunch (Don’t waste time, Pack your own lunch 😀 ), etc.
And before I end, I like to thank Jun Kang, EZ, Kelvin & Edmond. The last 2 weeks of revision together wouldn’t be so fun without you all!

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