Guest Post: Creativity By Daylon Soh

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Creativity is like a low hanging fruit that’s been in the backyard of your imagination. If you believe you are not a creative person by nature, you’re lying. Think back about any of these situations below:

  • You are with your friends and you’re all chatting happily. Eager to impress, you thought about making a joke. Everyone chuckles. Then somebody adds on to that joke and makes it even funnier. Now everyone starts bursting into laughter.
  • It’s your first date; you’re thinking about what to wear and the places that you’ll go. You really want to make this an enjoyable evening and leave a lasting impression. There’s a lot on your mind but you’re pairing your clothes like a fashion stylist and thinking about what to talk about, trying your best not to appear boring later.
  • You’re late for an important meeting. Everything that’s standing in your way is annoying you. You finally managed to enter the lift and feel tense for what’s about to happen next.   You end up being 15 minutes late. Feeling awkward as you make your way into the meeting room and slipped an excuse, “my previous meeting ended later than expected.”

Do you feel like all the above situation has happened to you more than once?

We’ve been conditioned to believe that we’re not creative but given the right conditions, we’re more creative than we think. When we joke, plan or lie, we’re in fact throwing ideas out from the back of our heads with some creative effort.

Instead of asking how creative you are, why not ask how creative your ideas can be?

Fredrik Härén, author of The Idea Book, mentioned in the last Creative Mornings Singapore session that all ideas are a combination of existing things. Hence, creativity is accessible and not a skill reserved for artists or entrepreneurs. “There is no such thing as a New Idea”

Think back about the time where you tried to tell a joke in a casual setting. That joke was probably a combination of stimulus you’ve received. And when somebody builds upon it, they’re in fact contributing their ideas to make it better. At the end of it, it doesn’t matter whose idea it was because you’ve become part of an amazing shared experience.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs are afraid to share their business ideas because they believe someone will steal it. But if an idea was that easy to steal, that business idea is probably not worth your investment anyway. Besides, you don’t have to always share a complete picture, just enough for a stranger to have an overview of your business and enough to get them excited about contributing to your cause and helping you out. You’ll definitely gain more than you lose by throwing your ideas out there.

Creative thinking just gets better with practice in situations where you may have to take some risk and move beyond your comfort zone. The most creative entrepreneurs I know are also the most adaptable entrepreneurs, and most adaptable entrepreneurs thrive.

Daylon is the design founder of a soon-to-launch online store,, which sells unique designer products at a discount. All blog readers here can receive a $5 shopping voucher if they sign-up with an email address before the end of May 2012.

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