Try Google Drive… Only If You Only Got 2GB From DropBox.

Google Drive is a cloud-based online storage service, so you can store, access, and collaborate with your files online.

But is it too late? There are already several cloud-based online storage services available. One of the most successful (in my opinion) is Dropbox. I started Dropbox with 2GB but through its referral program I gotten up to 8GB which is sufficient for me. And I know many others who manage to get up to 20GB through referral. Furthermore, Dropbox easy to use and seamless (auto-sync feature) experience needs no introduction.

So is Google Drive LATE in the cloud storage scene?

Google Drive is an upgrade from Google Doc and it also creates a folder on your computer that syncs perfectly. NICE! very much similar to Dropbox and at the very start Google Drive gives 5GB of storage for free. This means that if you used Google Doc, you get Google Drive. (Easy to activate!)

But when you open a file that is in google doc format, the file opens up in your browser and NOT in your native Words/Page application. This might turn off some users (like me)

Do you think Google Drive is late in this space?

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