Switching Cost For Mobile Reading Applications

I love reading articles online and I use Readability (now) to help me saved the contents that I can read later. I chose readability over instapaper and Read It Later (now pocket) because it’s totally FREE.

Here is an article from lifehacker that compares the 3 services. A very interesting and useful article if you are trying to find out which service suits you.

Instapaper and RIL (used to) charge for their mobile application. Although they are much more integrated with 3rd party apps as compared to readability but this problem is easily solved by using IFTTT.

Readability have a clean, good for reading interface 🙂 definitely the app for reading text articles. Now RIL is now renamed Pocket and it’s free. I tried Pocket and I think there might be a chance that Pocket replace Readability

readability certainly the mobile app for reading. big clean clear fonts. you can see how much articles I have on it 261 😀

Pocket offers a slightly (in my opinion) poorer UI by it allows us to store/search for videos and images. This feature certainly attracts me.

Thumbnails make the home page pretty interesting.
One of my favorite feature.

Both applications are free now on mobile. I wonder if Instapaper would be free soon for it’s mobile app.

A few interesting questions came up as I blog about this post.

  1. If you are using Readability would you change to Pocket that offers more multimedia features?
  2. How is the switching cost like for you towards mobile reading applications?
  3. How do you think applications like Readability, Pocket or Instapaper can increase their users switching cost?

Would love to hear from you people 😀

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