What I Learn From Timbuk2?

I mean a bag is just a bag, what’s so special about a timbuk2’s bag? And why when it comes to getting a bag the name Timbuk2 is the first in my mind.

I first fit to know about Timbuk2 in 1999. I was riding a bike that time and I needed a bag that have water resistant feature, preferably with reflective strips so when I go riding at night I could be seem by the cars.There were some messenger bags around but nothing caught my eye.

Than I was introduced by a fellow biker to Timbuk2. Timbuk2 was different, it allows me to customize colors and It came with reflective strips but most importantly it had lifetime guarantee. This lifetime guarantee was actually the key motivator that led me to mine first purchase.

After the first purchase, I was so please with the product. I brought my 2nd, 3rd and now 4th Timbuk2 bag. All this while, the key motivator reminds the same. If my bag got spoilt I would send it back. But for the past 11 years although there were some wear and tear I never really attempt to claim for the guarantee. In fact, Timbuk2 has play a part in each stage of my life. (See the my collection below)

This was until last month, the handle of my bag pack gave up on me and I email Timbuk2 about the issue.

Without much questions asked, I was issued a store credit (US$109) for a bag of similar value. (Customer Service was fast and friendly)

Now this store credit makes me happy real happy. I am so happy that I am now blogging about it. A bag I used for 5 years can be change for a new one, where can you find this kind of deal? What are the chances?

Not only did I claim for the store credit but I also told my girlfriend to get one too. Because I know if anything goes wrong with the bag, we can always do a return.

Now from a business perspective, Timbuk2 spent US$109 but it gain so much more.

  • It doubled my customer lifetime value. (I am more loyal than ever)
  • It obtained a new customer
  • It gotten free publicity because I wil certainly help spread the word because we have to share the good stuffs 😀

A bag is a bag, businesses cannot compete on commodities but by delivering customer satisfaction, you (Timbuk2) made a difference.

Now this is something I have to learn from Timbuk2 and apply it strongly on Bikeroger. I also aimed to make Bikeroger a part of a cyclist lifecycle. Just like Timbuk2 is too me 😀

How about you? Are you in love with any particular brand? How are you differentiating your products against others?

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