The 1st Evernote Singapore User Group Meetup

@troymalone sharing his #evernote #hello experience at the first @evernotesg meetup

Just came back from the 1st Evernote Singapore User Group meetup and I like to do a shout out to the organizers Tiang and Yining. “A event well executed, great sharing and great food too!!!”

Tiang actually invited me to share how I use Evernote for my startup, but in the end I think I learn much more from the rest. It started off with Meng sharing how he used his evernote to keep track of his legal documents and he also shared a tip on how you could get direct access to the Evernote SQL database on your mac. >>> It’s a bit too technical for me but I find it quite interesting.

Than came my opportunity to share on how I leverage Evernote together with Skitch and IFTTT. Skitch helps me to communicate my ideas with my co-founder with just a few simple drawing while IFTTT helps me to saved the articles I like to Evernote. After that came Tiang’s friend who shared how he used Evernote as a portfolio for his photos. “Tiang’s wedding photos look awesome!”

I think the highlight came when the founder of Denso shared how his app can work seamless with Evernote. To me Denso is like readitlater for videos.  It allows you to bookmark videos from a variety of sources and watches it later, whether you’re online or offline.

To me, it’s sort of like the flipbroad and readitlater for videos – It’s pretty cool
You can watch Later on Evernote!

The last speaker was Troy the General Manager – Asia Pacific at Evernote. He shared his experience with Evernote Hello and talked about the direction of Evernote is heading into. We even talked about the trunk extension and the possibility of having an Singapore Evernote Hackerton just like the one last held in Korea.

I tried Evernote Hello before but I was not too pleased with it because I think having to pass your phone to someone you to key in his/her contact seems quite funny. However, there have been new updates to Evernote Hello so I am going to give it another try and see how it goes 😀

Have you tried the new Evernote Hello? It seems to be much more interactive now. If you are a fan of Evernote and is currently in Singapore you should join the Evernote Singapore User Group

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