Welcoming the BIG 3!

just some of the well wishes from friends. Thank you pple. I love all of you! The list is too long – I was unable to capture the rest 😀 Sorry

Today is my birthday. It’s the day, I welcome the big THREE into my life. Yes. I am now 30 years old.

What does 30 means to me? I did a Facebook post in this but I like to expand it with all my fellow readers.

1. It means I can now pass my IPPT much easier because my age group changes and the passing criterial is lowered. I am now Cat Y1 – 30 years to below 35 years hehe

2. It means I need to change my NRIC. Every Singaporean who reach the age of 30 have to get their NRIC changed.

3. It means I made lots of great friends for the past many years because I have been receiving many well wishes since this morning. Thank you everyone!

4. It means I have to work harder and build a great company with my partner because I want to make a difference. Entrepreneurship have no age limit. You can start at 30 or even 50.

5. It also means I have 5 more years to plan for my goal of traveling around the world!

Finally I have a thank you list. (I will not list names, you know who you are!)

Thank you to my ex-boss for giving me a part time job when I was so poor and did not had enough to survive during my secondary school days.

Thank you for helping me to take care of my mom when I was not around in Singapore – I was away on the NUS-NOC program

Thank you for begin such a great friend and business partner!

And a big thank you to many many others!!! (if I don’t stop here the list will go on forever) 😀

So what does begin 30 years old means to you? Or What were you doing at the age of 30?

2 thoughts on “Welcoming the BIG 3!

  1. Hi My Name is Colleen.
    Okay when I was 30 I was taking care of my Mom. She has Multiple Sclerosis and the level she had was the worst level. I was her 24/7 nurse for 10 years in our Family home. She was bedbound. Life for me was quiet but loud, busy all the time Taking care of Mom. I was blessed to do it and it remains the best thing I have done. Now I am finding me for the first time.
    30 to me meant Mom. It hard to understand for others, but it was like being put on pause for 10 years. so now, I’m 48 and really. I’m 30. in my heart my mind and soul, I am starting from where I left off. I began. Now 30 to me means a new life and being 30 at 48. Thanks!

    1. I am so proud of u Colleen. I am sure this is just the start of your wonderful adventure!

      All the best and if u happen to drop by Singapore. Do drop me a note, we can meet up for coffee 🙂 or dinner.

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